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Warehouse Planning and Consultation

To achieve high efficiency of warehousing, distribution, and E-commerce operations.

We offer a full range of warehouse consulting services. Whether you’re constructing a new warehouse, relocating or restructuring your locations, our warehouse experts are ready to help to maximize your warehouse investment through operation efficiency and productivity.

We analyze your processes, infrastructure, and labor requirement to achieve your logistics goals.

Warehouse Design

Specializes in the solutions for warehouse racking, WMS, order picking and any other storage or distribution requirements. We also offer physical warehouse plans.

Warehouse Racking Layout

Best Inc. warehouse experts will analyze your warehouse floor plan to identify the layout of racking systems, taking advantage of every cubic foot in your warehouse while maintaining an extremely productive and high volume operation.

Warehouse Relocation

If you’re relocating your warehouse facility, consider working with BEST Inc. warehouse experts before you start. We will walk you through all process you need to do in logistics, timing and project management. on-site service for requirement evaluation, planning, training, end-user support during and after the implementation are available for the above services. Please contact BEST Inc. for more details.

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