Omni-Channel Distribution

In a lean supply chain, the ability to get your product moved efficiently and accurately is a major competitive advantage. 

What is Omni-Channel Distribution?

Omni-channel brings together all your E-commerce sales platforms into a single omni-channel order management system. When you get a sale on any E-commerce platform, you can view it on our custom dashboard. You can track your sales and other orders in one place without having to attend to customers on numerous platforms. 

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Omni-Channel Services

Retail & Wholesale(B2B) Fulfillment

Retail: We provide logistics operations, inventory management, and E-commerce fulfillment.

Wholesale: We receive stock from manufacturer or wholesaler and fill orders, package and dispatch them on to your customers.

Retail Compliance

Retail compliance (or vendor compliance) is, simply put, the act of adhering to a retailer’s specific requirements for vendor partners. These requirements can cover everything from pallet creation and label placement to EDI set up and warehouse technology configuration.


We can unload goods from inbound delivery vehicles and load them directly onto outbound vehicles. By eliminating or minimizing warehouse storage costs, space requirements and inventory handling, cross-docking can streamline supply chains and help you move goods to market faster and more efficiently. 

LTL shipping companies can save money by using fewer vehicles on the outbound side. Conversely, breaking down large, full loads in a cross-docking operation can make delivery to customers more efficient.

No matter where your customer makes a purchase, 

we make sure that each order is fulfilled quickly and delivered accurately. 

Regardless of whether it’s going through a retail distribution channel, a consolidator, or another facility, we have extensive experience handling larger volume movement for our client’s products. We handle retail fulfillment, cross-docking, and other B2B transactions to keep our client’s products moving to their final destination.

Omni-Channel is our thing

We offer the perfect omni-channel distribution strategy for maximum customer satisfaction by providing same day shipping for customers, if they do meet the cutoff time. We provide a wide range of soft packing fulfillment services including kitting, package inserts, and customization for clients’ products. Our management software is easy to use and is constantly updated, so that we can provide the best possible service to our clients.

Are you ready to for Omni-Channel?

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