Cross Border Transportation

No matter how far you’re shipping your products, you will require an operation partner that can offer a comprehensive selection of shipping options. Whether you’re looking to achieving the fastest delivery times, or utilize a low-cost method to deliver your products or a combination of both, we can help in managing your cross-border transportation needs. 

What is Cross-Border Transportation?

With a large presence in Asia, Best is able to provide comprehensive solutions for cross-border transportation. Our partnerships and services are continuously growing and are perfect for our partners looking for additional assistance for their supply chains further upstream.

The growth of the amount of freight being traded as well as a great variety of origins and destinations underlines the importance of international transportation as a fundamental element supporting the global economy. Economic development in Pacific Asia and China, in particular, has been the dominant factor behind the growth of international transportation in recent years.

Why is cross-border the future of E-commerce?

It’s simple. Growth. As retailers seek to grow their business, the ability to expand into international markets is critical in today’s global economy. However, supporting the unique requirements of selling internationally and localizing operations to different markets is not a simple task. International expansion is a complex undertaking, but with our simplified cross-border approach, you are relieved of the headaches that come with taking on new markets.

Container Cargo freight ship by crane bridge.

International is our specialty

We provide logistics solutions in 15 countries across North America, Europe and Asia.

Depending on the level of demand you are experiencing internationally, our cross-border E-commerce experts guide you to the solution that best support your international customers. Our staged approach allows you to grow your presence in new regions as demand increases.

Shipping FBA Line (LCL/FCL)


We provide door-to-door one-stop bulk cargo LCL or FCL service, and default express delivery. You can choose express delivery, which can avoid the impact of FBA warehouse full in peak season. It can be delivered directly to Amazon warehouses or self-operated collection places for B2B.

Traditional Sea Freight

(Major countries in the world)

We provide domestic and foreign merchants with one-stop shipping FCL services from manufacturers to major ports around the world. Cooperate with a number of liner companies, with favorable freight rates and high-quality services.

International Express/Parcel


It is suitable for the delivery small parcels to meet urgent transportation needs. It has its own special line for direct air transportation, stable channel timeliness, safe transportation, and convenient customs clearance.

International Air to Door

(Major countries in the world)

It is suitable for emergency replenishment, sample delivery with real-time tracking, fast timeliness, and cost-effective.

We operate nation-wide express networks in China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Cross-board transportation is possible between all the countries we serve.

Are you ready to go cross-border?

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