Kitting & Value-Added Services

From bundling retail products to assembling comprehensive medical kits for hospitals, we have the resources to help expand your capacity with our robust kitting and assembly solutions.

What is Kitting & Value-Added Services?

Kitting & Value-Added Service is the process of combining separate SKUs into one package. This process is commonly used in subscription boxes, non-assembled products, and when adding promotional material to the package. Kitting can be classified as either material kitting or product kitting depending on where in the operation it’s performed.

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Running a small business can be costly, especially when it comes to packaging and shipping. Shipping individual packages becomes more expensive than packaging several items into one package. The ultimate goal of any business is to maximize ROI(Return on investment).

We provide professional Kitting and Value-Added services

From mass-produced product kits to individual point-of-sale displays, we can assemble products, perform quality assurance testing and combine numerous SKU’s—all into one package.

Reduce your overhead with outsourced kitting services. We have the infrastructure in place to mitigate hiring/training staff, renting additional storage space, and buying specialized equipment, helping you improve your bottom line.​

You save time per order, meaning you need fewer people to fulfill the orders. You also get increased sales from Kitting & Value-Added Service. It is an excellent tool that pushes slow-moving products, and it helps with reducing inventory for these items and increases inventory turnover.​

Kitting & Value-Added Service benefits

  • Reduce Warehousing Cost: By kitting multiple SKUs together before an order is placed you can reduce the overall warehouse space and cost needed to store your product.
  • Faster Shipping Process: With pre-assembled kits, the amount of time needed to fulfill an order is reduced. Fast order processing reduces your overall cost, and shipment accuracy and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Increases Inventory Accuracy: Kitting forces you to keep a close eye on inventory levels. It’s easy to identify when materials are running low.
  • Enhances Customization: Kitting allows sellers to completely customize branding in a package via branded dunnage, labeling, or including thank-you notes.
  • Decrease Dimensional Weight and Additional Packaging: Would you rather send three small packages or one? Organizing multiple items into one package is more economical. Sellers decrease dimensional weight by having custom packaging for the kitted product. Also known as box optimization, the kitting process reduces the dimensional weight.

Are you ready for Kitting & Value-Added Services?

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